US Presidential Elections 2020 by Samuel M.R

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Samuel, élève de 3.3 a écrit un article sur les élections présidentielles aux Etats Unis mais également préparé un discours (en pièce jointe) comme s'il se présentait en tant que candidat à ces mêmes élections. A lire et à écouter absolument!

2020 presidential elections  USA


The 2020 USA election was the most followed election in the world. 

The Republican candidate was Donald Trump, a business man who was trying to be elected for a second term. And the democrate candidate was Joe Biden who was the vice president of Obama.

They both had a very different response to the different political issues.

For example, concerning, the covid pandemic, on one side Trump decided to leave it to each individual states to handle. He encourages the states to quickly reopen the schools and businesses to boost the economy. 

Unlike Biden who wants to increase testings and hospital equipement and reopen the businesses in the safest way with help for the workers. 

I think that Biden's Federal plan is the safest on the medical side but will undoubtedly impact the economy.

The two candidates also have different strategies on the racial justice side. 

Trump is being very aggressive against the protesters who want to end racism in the U.S and on the contrary  Biden thinks it is an urgent problem and pledges to end racial wealth inequality. For instance, he wants to increase investigations on the policeman that mistreated black Americans. 

I think that racial justice is a very important problem that needs urgent reaction.

To get health care in the USA, it is very expensive. Trump wants to replace the current system (affordable care act (ACA)) by something better and Biden wants to improve the ACA (a law passed under Obama that helped millions of Americans get health insurance).

I think that everybody should be allowed to get health care and both candidates have a plan on that problem.

Trump is a business man that is why he supports less regulations on taxes and businesses, he also wants Americans to have more money to spend.

However, Biden wants to increase the minimum wage from 7.25$ to 15$ per hour. He also wants to increase taxes on wealthy Americans and businesses.

There is a big problem with very wealthy Amercians that win more and more and the poorest less and less. 

Climate change is a problem that is destroying this world.

 The republican candidate wants to leave the international agreement to limit global carbon emissions because he says it would hurt the economy in the U.S while Biden says that climate change is an important threat and he wants to reduce the carbon emissions.

The climate change is a more serious problem despite the economy that Trump wants to protect.

On one side the Republicans want to improve the economy whereas the Democrats want to end racial justice and climate change with a better health care system.

These elections ended with a victory for Joe Biden but they are very contested by Donald Trump that says that there was fraud.

Joe Biden will finally move in the White House on January 20th


Samuel Murray-Robertson 3.3

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